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Our company will launch the activity of the 4th quarter of this year on Mountain Laolong
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    All the employees in our company have launched the activity of the 4th quarter of this year on Mountain Laolong on November 18, 2008.

    The activities include 3 parts and the sports body building activities as the main programs. In this part, our company selected the athletes of table tennis etc. to prepare for the friendly match which will take place at the end of this year held by every same industry company. Meanwhile, all employees were taking part in the interest badminton and table tennis; the leaders join in with employees and it is so interesting.

    The Chinese chess program also proceeded lively. Two athletes were sometime pondering or arguing happily about the chess playing. This made the colleagues around very excited to help them play the chess. Everyone relieved the tense nerves in the environment of routine tense work and enjoyed the sunshine and festival atmosphere of weekend.

    Next is the outside Farm court activities and the Sichuan characteristic “Playing the lord” is a necessity. After lunch, female colleagues began the songs singing matches of folk and universal and played every singing method. The loud and clear sound adds many interests to these activities and the cameras are busy taking photos continuously. Colleagues felt the honor of famous stars. Though there is no magnesium lamp and colorful ground, all the colleagues enjoyed this activity themselves.

    Finally, the activity ends with the sunset and colleagues left with happy faces. It not only strengthens the friendship of colleagues but also strengthens the cohesion of all the employees. This will certainly change the whole appearance of our company and it will make our company develop more rapidly under the efforts of all our employees.

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